El Nino Increases the Population of Scorpions

El Niño Increases the Population of Scorpions 

Each year seems to bring a different variety and magnitude of pest. This can be contributed to factors related to weather, and this year is no exception. This year, at least so far , seems to be the year of the scorpion. With the lack of a good freeze and early record breaking temperatures, we are definitely receiving increased calls.


What can you do if you are affected?

  1. Have a pest program in place specifically related to scorpion control. At Stormin’ Norman Termite and Pest Control we have four levels of scorpion service available. Level I is recommended if you have an occasional scorpion. This level goes after the scorpions food source like crickets and roaches. Level II is a specific liquid residual spray that is formulated for scorpion control. This will eliminate the scorpions food source as well. Level III is a combination of a black light service and the level II. This is a seek and destroy mission that increases the control because scorpions are nocturnal and there is a better chance to see them at night. Level IV is where we come out and close off entry points scorpions can use to enter your home. We make sure your doors and windows seal when they are closed. We seal off plumbing and electrical entry points as well as the J-trim at the bottom of the stucco. Scorpions only need the thickness of a credit card to enter your home.
  2. Remove harborage areas around your home. Scorpions are most comfortable when they are in tight spaces. They don’t have good eyesight and utilize the tiny hairs on their bodies to help navigate and catch prey. You can decrease the number of scorpions on your property by eliminating places for them to hide. Remove leaves and other debris from your yard. Keep firewood and other stored items away from your house.
  3. Cutting back vegetation around you home will also help. Make sure bushes and trees do not touch the home. This can provide scorpions easy access right into your home. Also, if possible, cut the bottom of the vegetation to raise it off the ground. This will decrease the harborage areas for the scorpions.
  1. Scorpion Scorpion under the roof Scorpion under the roof


So if El Niño has increased the amount of scorpions you are seeing or you just want a free evaluation so we can help limit the amount of scorpions you may see, give us a call. Stormin’ Norman Termite and Pest Control. 480-804-1114 or 520-568-0426