December, Cold Weather is Termite Season!

Cold weather is termite season, especially in the east valley. The winter rains are here and termites need the moisture to survive!

Even if it’s cold weather to us, subterranean termites are still inside our homes. November through February is prime termite season in the valley. At this time of year, it would seem irrational to worry about termites in the house. However, here in Maricopa County, the weather is not severe enough to halt termite activity.

It is the same for summertime. Termite paradise is about 75 degrees F. Death’s door for termites rests just outside of the 32 degrees 95.9 degrees F boundary.  Meaning they will die if it is too cold (below 32 degrees F) or too hot (95.9 degrees F) if found outside of their colony. But that’s the thing. They are not outside their colony.

The average high in December in the East Valley is 67 degrees F. Valley temperatures are very close to termite utopia. But even if we get a freeze, termites are in their nest, using subterranean tunnels to get around, cozy in their domain – breeding and eating up our homes. The queen is laying eggs and the colony is flourishing.

We’ve all heard it. It’s not if but when!

DIY treatments are not effective. Stormin’ Norman Termite and Pest Control specialist have the right tools and chemical strength to cease termite activity. We offer termite treatment and spot treatments using the latest termite technology.

One to five-year warranties are available for all our termite treatments. That allows termite specialist to periodically inspect and treat your home and keep it safe from further damage.

Warranties can also be included as part of monthly or bi-monthly pest management.

Established termite colonies DO not decrease their activities because it is cooler outside. You would never realize it but Wintertime is Primetime for Termites in the desert.


Termites!! It’s not if, but WHEN. Call for a FREE termite quote today.

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