Damage Pigeons and Other Birds Cause on a Roof

Feral pigeons breed all year round with peak breeding periods in spring and summer. The damage that pigeons and other birds cause on your roof is unmeasurable.

We all know the most significant reason we hate pigeons so much is the mess they leave behind. In fact, they are intelligent birds. Pigeons can do simple mathematical equations, distinguish one face from another, and have an uncanny ability to find their way home. Feral pigeons come from the same species as pigeons bred to race, and some racers are extremely valuable. Pigeons have lived near humans for ages.

The big issue here is how many pigeons are in the vicinity, and is it a good idea to have them living on or around your home? Pigeon poop can cause a lot of issues. Add other birds into that mix, and it’s not just about unsightly droppings. It’s about but what those droppings do.

Pigeons and other birds destroy tar, felt paper, mortar, and concrete on a roof. Bird dropping are incredibly acidic and corrode all roofing materials, even metal.

The acid in bird fecal matter will eventually perforate a roof and leave it vulnerable to leaks. Bird nest built under clay roofing tiles can also cause leaks when tiles are displaced.

Pigeons poop destroys paint.

Pigeons pecking for food can puncture holes in roofing materials.

Pigeons clog drains and gutters, they find these places convenient and cozy.

Pigeons and other birds cause a risk of creating a potential fire hazard. Straw, twigs and bird droppings, all found in nesting areas will ignite with a simple spark.

Exterior Machinery and Devices can be impaired.  Compressors and Air conditioning systems, rotating air circulation vents, skylights, and solar panels can all be damaged in an uncontrolled environment.

Bird droppings can affect security cameras causing a motion servos drive to freeze. Bird excrement can even block camera view.

Birds transmit disease. According to Medical News, Today birds and their droppings can carry over 60 diseases.

Bird deterrent measures help prevent this damage. We at Stormin’ Norman use a variety of the latest materials available depending on the needs of your home.  All materials used are as discreet as possible and allowed by most HOAs.

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