Exciting news for 2016 – Bee Rescue and Relocation

Exciting news for 2016

After a very busy summer in 2015 with bee extermination, Stormin’ Norman Termite and Pest control has decided to expand into bee rescue and relocation.  We have started our sister company Luckey Bee Farms.  Through our new venture we can still offer our clients bee control at an affordable price.  We are now able to safely remove the bees from your property and relocate them so that they can remain part of our ecosystem, and continue to pollinate.  This is a safe and effective alternative to extermination.


Luckey Bee Farms


To celebrate, in the month of March we will be offering $25 off any bee service. If you are in need of bee removal please give us a call at Stormin Norman Termite and Pest Control, and we’ll schedule your service.  If you know someone who is in need of bee removal, please give them our information.
If they choose to use our relocation service, we will send you a $25 Amazon card as a thank you for the referral!



As our business continues to grow, we will be offering more alternative solutions for pest control.  We believe part of our responsibility to our clients is to keep our methods as Earth friendly as possible.    When we all make a small change, we can make a big impact.

Luckey Bee Rescue and Relocation Luckey Bee Rescue and Relocation Luckey Bee Rescue and Relocation